Rise of the EJ

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I’m no Olivier Mader, but I have certainly been afflicted by the “equipment junkie bug”. If you’re like me and you’ve spent way too much money on table tennis equipment, you too know the feeling. The euphoric smell of fresh rubber, that factory dust that a recently opened Nittaku 3-star ball leaves on the face of your newly glued racquet, and, of course, the feeling of your heart dropping down to your stomach as you rip an $80 piece of Tenergy on the side of the table trying to retrieve one of Jim Beckford’s inexorable crap shots. The table tennis equipment addiction is ravishing. It begins its journey in your wallet, continues on to your dominant hand, but soon enough, the sickness permeates your entire body, causing your bones to take on some sort of Arylate-Carbon structure. Don’t fight it, embrace it. Feed your inner EJ.

My name is Dash. I have played “basement table tennis” most of my life with the infamous “Sportcraft paddle”, but during my freshman year of college I decided to take it to the next level and buy a real paddle. My first bat was a Stiga premade that I bought on eBay for $40. Being as the person that sold it to me was shipping the paddle from China, I knew it was only a matter of time until I would be thrashing Timo Boll and doing Sake Bombs with Wang Hao and Zhang Jike. Oddly enough, after about 6 months of playing, I went to a USATT tournament in Lakeland, FL only to learn that my estimated rating was 1450. After leaving the Chinese guy on eBay an abominable review, I decided to step up my equipment junkie game and pour money into the nonreciprocating life of the EJ.

Soon my days were spent absorbing valuable (female-repellent) information on various table tennis forum-sites, reading review after review on every facet of the table tennis world, maxing out credit cards on Megaspin and ZeroPong, consuming unnecessary amounts of rice, and, once in a while, practicing. Now, 4 years and roughly 20 tournaments (USATT and NCTTA) later, my rating has shot up over 500 points and my friends and family are expressing deep concern for my well-being; I have been caught flying to Texas and Minnesota with my NCTTA team (University of Florida) during finals week, all to hang out with Adam Bobrow and Willy Leparulo – I mean – to compete in the NCTTA nationals (2011 and 2012). Despite the inverse relationship between rating and mental health, my equipment junkie quest continues.

P.S. I write these reviews for my own enjoyment and to help my fellow EJs in deciding what to waste money on next. If you wouldn’t mind helping me out, please make all of your Megaspin purchases through my affiliate link below. They were nice enough to partner with me and I get a small reward  for every purchase you make through my link. Feed me so I can feed you! Long live the EJ.